6 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Send by Email

Woman wearing Santa Claus hat wrapping gifts.

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These last-minute gifts will put a smile on the face of your loved ones.

Most important points

  • If you have yet to do your Christmas shopping, you have options.
  • Instead of rushing to the store to shop among the crowds, buy gifts that you can send by email.
  • These gift ideas are a credit to your wallet and can be delivered in minutes.

The holidays are fast approaching – whether you like it or not. If you are a procrastinator who usually completes your gift purchases at the last minute, this one is for you. It’s not too late to buy thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. Here are a few gift ideas you can send by email. As a bonus, we’ve included several affordable options so you won’t feel like you’re putting your personal financial goals on hold while you complete your purchases.

A gift card is a win for the person who gives the gift and the person who buys it. Gift cards take the stress out of shopping and give your loved one the control to choose what they want instead of getting a gift they may not want or already have. Most retailers sell e-gift cards that are delivered by email, so this solution is an easy way to show them you care.

2. Gift language

Do you have someone in your life who likes to learn new languages? Mobile apps make it easier to learn new skills. If you want to help someone in your life take their hobby to the next level, why not subscribe to a language learning app? You can send them a year of Duolingo Super for $79.99. Because it’s delivered electronically, it’s the perfect last-minute gift.

3. Send a voucher for an exciting or relaxing experience

The people on your list probably live in houses with too much stuff. Instead of a physical gift, why not give them an experience they’ll love? Some examples include an exercise class, a massage or spa treatment, or a tour of a local brewery or winery. Groupon is an excellent resource for these types of gifts. You can get a deal on fun experiences like the ones mentioned above and send a gift card via email.

4. Relieve some stress by sending a meal

Life gets busy, and for many people it’s a struggle to keep up with work and life responsibilities while also cooking for the week. If you’re looking for a way to make life easier for a busy person on your shopping list, why not help them with their next dinner? With this gift, they can start the new year with less stress. Here are some ways to email meals:

  • Give a HelloFresh Gift Card (prices start at $75)
  • Send an UberEats Gift Card (prices start at $25)
  • Treat them to a DoorDash gift card (prices start at $25)

5. Gift books

It’s not too late to find the perfect gift for your favorite reader. You have several options for last-minute gifts that are sure to win. Whether they enjoy listening to their books or reading them, they’ll appreciate that you went out of your way to send a thoughtful gift.

Here are a few ideas for gifts you can deliver by email:

  • Gift a Nook book through Barnes & Noble (prices vary)
  • Send an Audible book (prices vary)
  • Give a 3 month subscription to the Book of the Month Club for $49.99

6. Treat them to an enhanced gaming experience

Why not give the gamer in your life a game subscription so they can access even more games? This makes for a thoughtful gift that fits any budget. Here are a few options to consider:

  • PlayStation Plus Premium 3 month subscription for $49.99
  • Individual 12-month Nintendo Switch Online subscription for $19.99
  • Xbox Live Gold 3 month subscription for $24.99

It’s a busy time of year. If you’re extra stressed because you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, consider buying gifts that you can send by email. There are many ways to spread holiday cheer and show appreciation without draining your bank account. While shopping, remember: it’s the thought that counts!

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